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Things to know to become a Microsoft Teams Power User

In this article, we’re going to learn some tips and tricks to become a Teams Power User.

Microsoft teams is an intelligent communication platform by Microsoft. It comes with office 365 package. MS Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365. Microsoft launches the general availability of MS Teams in Mar 2017. Since then it is evolving very rapidly.MS Teams is a successor of Skype for Business and soon Microsoft is planning to deprecate Skype for Business.

To get our work done quickly, everybody should know some tips and tricks. A power user is who perform most of their task just by using some command on the keyboard. Or we can say that a Power user is a person with special skills that a normal user doesn’t have. To become an MS Teams power user a person should upgrade his/her ability to do most of the work with the help of keyboard only.

Here we’re going to learn how to become an MS Teams Power User.

Before we get our hands dirty in real stuff lets know how to get MS Teams (if we don’t have yet).

Go to here and login with your office 365 credential. If you don’t have an Office 365 subscription, obtain a free trial from Office 365 E3 Trail. When you login to your MS Teams (or Teams), It asks for selection between Get the windows app and use the web app for the first time. For demo purpose, we are going to use the windows app of Teams. To download MS Teams client simply click on User icon on the top right or click on download icon in the left pane.

You can also download a mobile app for iOS, Android and windows but those apps not provide the search bar functionality in recent updates. To know more about Teams, click on help icon in left bottom pane in the app.

Let’s skip the creation of team and channel in MS teams because that is what we’re not going to learn here for now. If you want to learn how to create a team and channel in Teams go to Teams-Channels-Overview.

There are many things a power user can do with special skills in Teams.

There is a search bar in Teams called command box that is very helpful to learn all new stuff.

You must know some keyboard shortcuts too for speeding your work.

Press Ctrl +. (control key + dot) to open the keyboard shortcut menu.

keyboard shortcuts

So, let’s see what we can do now to become a Power user.

Press Ctrl + E to open the command box or search bar. Search is the main key to work you have done. There are some commands that are very useful. Let’s take a scenario that I’m new to Teams

Press Ctrl + /

It opens all the slash commands available in our Teams. Let’s suppose we want to set our status to do not disturb (DND) just press Ctrl +/ and type DND.

command box

This sets our status to do not disturb.

As the message below the address bar. You’ll only get notifications for urgent and from your priority contact.

This way we can set our status to Available (/available command), Away (/away command), busy (/busy command) with the help of keyboard slash command.

If we want to call someone in our organization simply type /call in the command box and it asks for the person to whom we want to call. Just type the person name and hit enter and the call get connected to that user.

If we want to send a message to one to one simply type /chat and it asks for user name and message you want to send to the user.

If you want to go to a team just type /goto and it will show you all teams available in your MS Team.

Let’s suppose I’m new to SharePointArmy-Team I don’t know the users means who is here I have an awesome command called /who. At first, it asks to install the who app that is very useful in terms of organization

The who app provide the following question pattern to ask

Just type the command and a bot will return you mind-blowing results. Let’s say I type who reports to and the name of the person

It returns me the result quickly.

There are a bunch of questions you can ask who bot. let’s explore it more by yourself. There are many other slash commands that can make a user’s life easier to get their work done.

Teams integrate apps as well. So, there is a command @ that is used to bring app data into Teams. Also, it is used to send messages to users.

Let’s say we want to get the news in Teams. So, type @News in Teams command box and it will bring the news data in teams

If you want to bring YouTube data in teams Simply type @YouTube [Enter a search term].

Note: Very first-time Teams ask to install the app (YouTube, News etc.) to get the data into Teams.

You can install useful apps into Teams from Store (default app store provided by Microsoft in teams).let’s say you are communicating with one of your colleagues and you want to share a location to meet. So go to the store and install place app provided by Microsoft. After installing places app lets go to the user chat window and type @places command and the name of the place you want to meet. It shows the best available result and you can send the location to the user.

You can do a lot of things with the help of commands.

So, if you want to become an MS Teams power user you must know the power of commands, search box, and apps in the store.

Please share your point of understanding. Thanks for reading this article.

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