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A letter to December 2018

So, here we’re in the last evening of year 2018.Every year we start with some new hope and dreams but obviously we don’t work to make them true. Every year start with some goals but we never try to fulfill that goal. Every year we found something new with the ray of hope that everything is gonna be alright but we really don’t know what is right. We all have our own struggle, our own stories of fall and rise. We all passes though some good and bad memories. Some that tear our soul out of our body and some that heal us quickly. Every year we make promises to our loved once but as the month passed the promises fade away and everybody get busy in their daily routine.

When the January starts, we send hundreds of messages to our friends and loved once but after few days what would happen to the same person? You know God give us a very beautiful thing that is the quality of forgetting things very easily and remembering things as well. Some good memories always stay with us and we always try to forget the hurting memories. Very few of us know the secret of a happy life or can say a happy day. We always worried about the things that are beyond our control.

December brings the conclusion of whole year and January comes with the new summary. We learn things and we grow. Every day starts with a new plan but very few of us execute that successfully.

Tomorrow will start with a new calendar with new date with new year with new month with same attitude towards life. Life teach us many lessons but the one that brings change to our life is TIME. We know that the time we are living in will never come back. The time we are investing in gossips will never come. So, why we’re not using our TIME in good things to live a happy life? Life is not always thinking about good and bad, it is something different that teach us how to live a life without regret and sadness.

It is terrible to lose someone you love. To miss them in your life. To miss their presence, their support, their encouragement, their love but life never stop. What is the right path and what is the wrong path? What is good with the world and what is bad. What we like and what we don’t like. What someone thinks and what they don’t think. With so much unpredictability in life and chaos at work these days in our uncertain world, what we have learned is that it really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter if we label life as good or bad. It is the way it’s supposed to be.

We feel disappointed when things are not happening according us, as we expected to be. We always think that our life would be like theirs but we really don’t think what they suffer to get that success. Our life is result oriented not process oriented. We want the results as soon as possible. We really don’t care about what are the appropriate steps to get that result that brings tears of happiness.

Finally, Thanks a lot December.Let’s have some good sound in your life.

“It is not about the people, it is about us, our dreams our happiness. Make a life worth living for yourself.”


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